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Shenzhen Betop Electronics Co., Ltd.

LED high bay lights, LED flood lights, LED street lights, parking garage lights

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    Building D&C, Yisong Ecological Science&Technology Industry Park, 9th Jiejiabao Road, ShiYan Town, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
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Company Profile
Betop Electronics is an innovative designer and manufacturer of specification-grade luminaires rigorously engineered and well designed for years of dependable performance. Betop has many years of experience in virtually all facets of LED lighting. The company started as an LED packaging factory in 2003 and it brings some of the industry's deepest practical understanding of LEDs by constantly working to improve operational performance and energy efficiency. The company's portfolio of LED high bay fixtures, including Phoenix, Hilumen, Thunder, HLV, Lenson, Magic Modular and IF linear series, leads the market in efficacy and reliability.  Betop also carries a range of high quality rugged industrial and outdoor lighting solutions including LED flood lights, LED street lights, parking garage lights and LED corn bulbs.

Betop has always been at the forefront of cutting edge of solid state technology by efficiently integrating engineering talents and sophisticated infrastructure of manufacturing facilities. Betop's production site is vertically integrated to manufacture all major fixture components to function uniformly and seamlessly. The company's in-house facilities include cold forging machines, CNC machines, punch machines, solder paste machines, Samsung SMT machines, wave/reflow soldering systems, automatic polishing machines, and other powerful tools and equipment. The thermal, electrical and mechanical engineering capabilities plus highly competent workers allow Betop to design, develop and deliver efficient and cost-effective lighting solutions.

Betop Electronics established its position in the lighting industry by implementing an uncompromising quality management system. The quality line of Betop LED lighting products are certified by UL, SAA, PSE, and other certifications, which enables Betop to stand out in the industry.
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